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So you think you'd like to work for Greater Louisville Inc.? We think you'd like it, too. Our high number of long-term employees proves it's a "Best Places To Work!"  GLI is not only committed to developing the community but one of its most valuable assets - its people.  

We're always interested in hiring hard-working, fun-loving, civic-minded individuals who have an interest in helping support and grow our regional business community.

What is our culture like?

Greater Louisville Inc's Culture

GLI employees believe in achieving purpose through leadership, commitment and hard-work. They accomplish what they hold themselves accountable for and with the customer always in mind; they strive to deliver superior products and services.

GLI employees recognize that great things are more often achieved when the thought and actions of a team unite. They work together to provide a support system of achievement, trust, understanding and confidence for individual work as well as the community and the organization.

GLI employees understand that life happens, and as trendsetters, they adapt.  Working at the office, from home or out of the corner coffee shop,  they find innovative and creative answers to change that expand their knowledge, skill and networks.

GLI employees are truly dedicated to the work that they do and the community for which they do it.  Giving it our all, they succeed. 

GLI employees believe humor leads to creativity, productivity and innovation.  They value celebrating successes and finding enjoyment and laughter each day.

Greater Louisville Inc.'s Staff Values 

Results-Oriented: Pursue Excellence
Collaborative: United in Work & Spirit
Flexible: Expect the Unexpected
Passionate: Driven to Achieve
Fun: Enjoy the Journey


Commitment to Inclusion

Greater Louisville Inc. strives to be an organization that exemplifies inclusion. We define inclusion as an attitude where all individuals are embraced and afforded the opportunity to thrive. GLI makes every effort to ‘walk the talk' when it comes to inclusion in our daily practices and policies.  By embracing new ideas, promoting collaboration, developing partnerships and initiating new ways of thinking, GLI ensures inclusion isn't just a word, but a philosophy that offers all individuals in the Greater Louisville region every opportunity to succeed.

At GLI, we focus on inclusion by:

• Ensuring our board and staff are reflective of the region.

• Ensuring our suppliers and vendors are reflective of the region.

• Ensuring our members and clients are reflective of the region.

• Throwing the doors of our organization wide open and inviting anyone who shares our dream to engage.

Recruiting, hiring and promoting for all jobs without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, age (40 and over), marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or disability.




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